I designed a custom boxed water with a hexagon top. This would create the nostalgia of drinking out of a cylinder can. This design concept then would boost eco-friendly packaging, and lower production costs. 
To redesign a product’s packaging to enhance overall design.
Boxed Water
Time Allotted
2 weeks

Persona / mind map
Product Flaws
 1. The minimalistic design is suggesting an expensive price tag. While in reality this product is only in the $2 at your local PCC's which is confusing.
2. The design is too similar to milk cartons making the feel and visuals of drinking this water unappealing.
"I feel like I have to be some type of person to drink this water" - student
3. The design shows no sign of storytelling which is one of the primary cores of product design.
I chose the name Gaia Agua as it translates to "Earth Water" from Spanish. This provides a feel of high quality/imported products, since this is somewhat Boxed Water was going for; being mostly available at premium stores such as PCC, Trader Joe's etc.

Photoshoot + paint touch ups
Final Product:​​​​​​
(enhanced at Lightroom Classic)
My takeaway from this project would be to always prioritize time management in projects. During this project, Adobe Dimensions was just too much for my old laptop. It was overheating and very slow, therefore I then decided to go the old fashion route of printing and manual assembly. Had I not acted/decided sooner, I might have not made the deadline.

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