Seattle has a large population that bikes. I believe that Lime is not fully taking advantage of this as they neglect several potential target audiences such as users with vision problems, and an easy access option to unlock the bikes should the users have compromised cameras to scan, and compromised screens to type the unlock code.
Time Allotted: 2 weeks
For this project, I decided to redesign the Lime Bike App. At the time of the project, the app had around a rating of 3-4 stars, and although this was not bad, I closely examined the app and discovered multiple design problems. ​​​​​​​
App's Current Design Flaws:​​​​​​​
In Depth Analysis
1. Bad Color Contrast
The color choice of bright green does not contrast well with the background. This color scheme also failed WebAIM’s color contrast test.
2. Small Text
The text is very small which is not very user friendly for users that have vision problems. This would also impact the older population that could potentially be users in Seattle, as biking is very popular here upon GenZ, millennials, and even food delivery services such as Ubereats and Door dash bikers.
3. Bad Hierarchy
The hierarchy on the pop up message right at the top “Sign up” in my opinion should be with the arrow below.
4. Unpopular Icons
The choice of symbols used as buttons are questionable, as these are not usually used to symbolize refresh button, as well as the very confusing current location symbol chosen.
5. Neglects Other Users
On the next photo, we can see that the text is again very small. There is also no option for a more convenient way to unlock a bike, should there be an incident where the user's camera is broken.
1. This is when I proposed to add a sensor type unlock using Apple Pay sensors. This technology is   already in use today and thus would not be very costly to try to implement.
2. Update the symbols to more common ones, update the small text to a slightly larger one, update the color schemes to have better contrast.
3. Add night mode to help the user with vision problems use the app more smoothly.
User Flow
Upon completion, I was able to determine the most user friendly, least steps users had to make in order to unlock the bikes.
Low Fidelity Wireframes
High Fidelity Mockups

Proposed New logo Design

My main takeaway from this project is to think beyond and that there are always something to improve on. Also, prototyping is somewhat similar to making GIFs :)

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