The American dream today still stands strong, with millions of Americans trying to achieve success through innovation, entrepreneurship, or small businesses. Although most Americans do not have enough access to resources such as experience/mentorship upon their everyday endeavors which negatively impacts their rate of success. This inspired me to create the InspoSociety conference, where successful business owners, innovators, and many more to share their stories, give UX advice and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc.

          Upon my conference, InspoSociety, I plan to share basic UX principles beyond the screens, that would effectively translate/eliminate these said problems. Some examples include, the UX design airports used to design their terminals that lets passengers navigate through with maximize efficiency, In and Out’s efficient burger making system, the layout of a mall, etc. All of these successful corporations/conglomerates use the principles of UX design to adhere upon their target audience, which is also what makes their businesses very successful. I plan to have general session in the morning, where participants can join whichever speaker they would like to listen/connect to. The conference will then proceed to have lunch and then a group session where everyone would listen to host Alyssa Wells speak further upon how she incorporated UX design upon her business.

          Inspiration wise, hit TV shows such as Shark Tank and Kitchen Nightmares helped me upon the Ideation phase. In these shows, entrepreneurs seek mentorship, advice, and funding upon the Sharks investors; and restaurant owners seek mentorship, general and remodeling design advice from Chef Gordon Ramsay. As a designer, I viewed a good portion of their advice as mainly related to UX design and their main audience. I then decided to gather the main principles of UX design and incorporate them upon my conference most notably, upon my marketing and branding. My logo design in fact includes two sharks that represent the entrepreneurs in Shark Tank.

          The hopes/proposed results of this conference, are to get more people to innovate/start their own business with the incorporation of UX design, ensuring higher rates of success. My long-term desired goal is to help society become more innovative with the help of UX design and not just UI based but upon the real world as well.

          I would also like to highlight my unconventional marketing as it quite unique, for using social media, mainly Tiktok as its main platform to gather publicity. As an avid social media user, I believe that Tiktok is quite very unique from its main competitors such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. where violence and hate-filled media is pushed upon its audience to psychologically stay on the app for longer periods of time. Whereas Tiktok uses a unique algorithm that that personalizes everyone’s feed based upon the media they most interact with. The entertainment, learning, and discovery is endless upon Tiktok. Some accounts even exclusively teach design which is a really great source of inspiration, and I plan to take advantage of this said algorithm to reach my main target audience, because gathering the right people who are extremely interested would ideally make the desired outcome of the conference more successful.

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