Project Overview

Digifit is a dressing room app that uses LiDAR technology 
to digitally place clothing onto users. This creates the opportunity 
or users to observe the size and fitment of the clothing in real time 
at home, improving online shopping experience and at the same 
time eliminating customer dissatisfaction.
Why I Started this Project & Goal
Online shopping has exponentially increased throughout the years with technology and communiction constantly advancing. Recently, the 2020 pandemic lockdown made the shopping market shift even more towards online. With the influx of new online shoppers, so did the number of complaints of dissatisfaction.

My goal is to take the online shopping experience to the next level and with the latest Iphone (Iphone 13) equipped with LiDAR sensors for the first time, you can expect a domino effect of all future Iphones and smartphones to have LiDAR sensors as well. We must capitalize now on this new technology and reduce customer dissatisfaction!
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